Zoom – Don’t Interrupt!

Interesting article by Nancy Kline about not interrupting! All the zoom meetings in our lives has meant that the usual visual clues about wanting to speak or noticing someone else wants to speak have gone! So at the end of the meeting you either feel you’ve done too much talking or been the frustrated bystander unable to get their point across!
More important (in these times) was her point about polarisation which she said wasn’t a result of disagreement but a result of disconnection: ‘I think polarisation starts with, and is fed by, interruption. The minute one of us in stark disagreement interrupts the other, the brain registers the interruption as a pysical assault.’ (We all remember the first debate between Trump and Biden….)
Let me know what you think (and it might even work when you speak to your partner…….!)
From the book: The Promise That Changes Everything: I Won’t Interrupt You by Nancy Kline


Sophie Peterson