Building the Diverse Workforce of Tomorrow – The Actuary Magazine, August 2019

In July 2019, Orange Malone sponsored a Diversity and Inclusion Roudtable discussion, hosted by The Actuary Magazine and Chaired by Chika Aghadiuno, who heads the Diversity Advisory Group for the Institute of Actuaries. Together with internal HR, hiring managers and external agency recruiters we discussed the importance of ensuring the whole chain of influence was up to speed and on board with each companies goals for diversity and inclusion. Getting each stage right is the…

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Office Romances: Swipe up for HR?

With the news a few months ago that the head of McDonalds has been sacked for having a relationship with an employee, I thought it would be a good time to re-release this article!! There was an interesting edition of The Bottom Line on Radio 4 recently on ‘Managing Workplace Relationships’. It discussed the complexities of handling romance and dealing with inappropriate behaviour in the workplace which can cause a real headache for both HR…

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Class – the forgotten element of the diversity & inclusion agenda?

Just read a very interesting article about class inequality which is sometimes seen as the ignored part of the ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ agenda.Kenan Malik, in Sunday’s Observer, explores the rise in identity politics which has changed the way we think about social problems and social solidarity from being framed by politics and class to being rooted in culture and ethnicity.He feels we need to stop thinking about colour and look upon class as the key…

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Sophie Peterson