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Employee retention – the new post-Covid challenge

One important aspect of every workplace is employee training. However, could training also help you retain top talent? In my experience it can really help with loyalty and creating the feeling of being respected and valued. Even managers can benefit from training, as it’ll teach them subjects like mental health awareness that’ll help them retain top talent. This is an interesting article that shows how this helps:

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Holacracy – an interesting look at workplace hierarchy

Interesting Radio 4 show yesterday (17th March, 2021) about a young entrepreneur who builds the ‘happiest company in the world’, an online shoe retailer so profitable that Amazon snaps it up for over a billion dollars. But what if the company’s profits and happiness could be boosted by a radical reimagining of the workplace? No more bosses, no more job titles, just creativity, equality and pure joy. Matthew Syed tells the extraordinary story of Tony…

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Zoom – Don’t Interrupt!

Interesting article by Nancy Kline about not interrupting! All the zoom meetings in our lives has meant that the usual visual clues about wanting to speak or noticing someone else wants to speak have gone! So at the end of the meeting you either feel you’ve done too much talking or been the frustrated bystander unable to get their point across!More important (in these times) was her point about polarisation which she said wasn’t a…

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Sophie Peterson