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This is a tricky question but read on for an interesting insight from Lisa Unwin into the new ‘hybrid’ phenomena and how it could impact your career. Great Hamilton lyrics too – although not sure anyone wants to know exactly how a sausage is made! I’m a veggie this month
Adjusting to remote working isn’t as simple as taking your office tasks and doing them at home. It also means understanding the changes to the environment that impact things like travel, time off, and even taking your lunch break. This is an interesting article from BuzzFeed: After working office jobs
Highlights from Getting Things Done, a great book on time management by David Allen: Like any busy person multi-tasking between work, family and trying to do some exercise, my time management can leave a lot to be desired. I read this book ages ago and have just revisited it –
Great video for Bermuda Day! Just in case you need any inspiration? I have roles in Bermuda so please get in touch if you’re interested? (Click on the link below) Happy Bermuda Day!
One important aspect of every workplace is employee training. However, could training also help you retain top talent? In my experience it can really help with loyalty and creating the feeling of being respected and valued. Even managers can benefit from training, as it’ll teach them subjects like mental health
Interesting article in an April edition of The Observer about how to make unconscious bias training more effective. Read more here:
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