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One important aspect of every workplace is employee training. However, could training also help you retain top talent? In my experience it can really help with loyalty and creating the feeling of being respected and valued. Even managers can benefit from training, as it’ll teach them subjects like mental health
Interesting article in an April edition of The Observer about how to make unconscious bias training more effective. Read more here:
Interesting Radio 4 show yesterday (17th March, 2021) about a young entrepreneur who builds the ‘happiest company in the world’, an online shoe retailer so profitable that Amazon snaps it up for over a billion dollars. But what if the company’s profits and happiness could be boosted by a radical

Zoom – Don’t Interrupt!

Posted on November 17, 2020
Interesting article by Nancy Kline about not interrupting! All the zoom meetings in our lives has meant that the usual visual clues about wanting to speak or noticing someone else wants to speak have gone! So at the end of the meeting you either feel you’ve done too much talking
Interesting TED Business talk – the importance of finding a sponsor within the workplace, someone who can be your advocate and speak up for you, which is especially important in lockdown when we’re working from home and have no visibility at all.Carla Harris, vice chairman at Morgan Stanley, explains the
In July 2019, Orange Malone sponsored a Diversity and Inclusion Roudtable discussion, hosted by The Actuary Magazine and Chaired by Chika Aghadiuno, who heads the Diversity Advisory Group for the Institute of Actuaries. Together with internal HR, hiring managers and external agency recruiters we discussed the importance of ensuring the
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