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Interesting survey from the ONS’s Labour Market Overview showing an increase in the number of hours worked in Q1. Reminds me of a recent conversation with someone working for a PE backed insurer who’s worked every weekend since he started (more than a year ago). He gets paid well but

Who Moved My Cheese?

Posted on May 16, 2022
For Boris and Rees-Mogg read Hem and Haw, two characters from the famous business book: Who Moved My Cheese. Face it guys, hybrid working is here to stay. See this interesting article for more info:

Capital Gains

Posted on January 25, 2022
What is social capital and how can we maintain it if we are working from home? Interesting article from Geoff Trickey in The Actuary Magazine: During the pandemic, we learned what it is like to see our domestic and work routines transformed. The interlocking timetables of family life. The unexpected consequences
This is a tricky question but read on for an interesting insight from Lisa Unwin into the new ‘hybrid’ phenomena and how it could impact your career. Great Hamilton lyrics too – although not sure anyone wants to know exactly how a sausage is made! I’m a veggie this month
Adjusting to remote working isn’t as simple as taking your office tasks and doing them at home. It also means understanding the changes to the environment that impact things like travel, time off, and even taking your lunch break. This is an interesting article from BuzzFeed: After working office jobs
Highlights from Getting Things Done, a great book on time management by David Allen: Like any busy person multi-tasking between work, family and trying to do some exercise, my time management can leave a lot to be desired. I read this book ages ago and have just revisited it –
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