The Gender Pay Gap – you really need to ask!

I recently read Katie Roiphe’s article on the gender pay gap – read it here:  and it’s well backed up by any number of research papers: Harvard Business Review said that only 7% of woman asked for a higher salary at offer stage compared to a whopping 57% of men! This crosses industry barriers too – actuaries may be a way away from the world of Jennnifer Lawrence, but even the arrow wielding super…

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Pay Transparency – why it’s a good thing

Time to End Pay Secrecy? A recent Ted Talk by Management Researcher David Burkus looked at the question of pay transparency. This is a hot topic and it was a fascinating talk. Here’s a summary. How much do you get paid?  Or the person next to you at work? These tend to be uncomfortable questions and, whilst we all ask them, we rarely get the answer. Pay is usually subject to secrecy. The assumed reason…

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Sophie Peterson