The ‘Inch Wide/Mile Deep’ Phenomenon – The Rising Need for Niche Recruiters

The Rising Need for Niche Recruiters As the demand for recruitment agencies continues to grow so their role continues to evolve. A recent presentation by Nick Holmes of The Job Post revisited some interesting statistics. PERMANENT UK HIRES VIA RECRUITMENT AGENCIES 2011/12 – 550,448 2014/15 – 633,992 This in turn has led to an increase in recruitment start-ups – from 1,489 in 2013 to 6,780 in 2016. Looking a little deeper into the stats we…

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Time to End Pay Secrecy?

Time to End Pay Secrecy? A recent Ted Talk by Management Researcher David Burkus looked at the question of pay transparency. This is a hot topic and it was a fascinating talk. Here’s a summary. How much do you get paid?  Or the person next to you at work? These tend to be uncomfortable questions and, whilst we all ask them, we rarely get the answer. Pay is usually subject to secrecy. The assumed reason…

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Sophie Peterson